Nobel prize Vargas LLosa and Spanish Popular Party and UPYD support Oswaldo Payá for nobel peace

Paya for Nobel Peace Price 2011

Madrid, May 23, 2011

International Committee to Support the Varela Project

Dear Sirs:I write to you to support the Committees’ promotion of the candidacyof Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas for the Nobel Peace Prize. I believethat Oswaldo Payá’s dedication to the promotion of freedom and humanrights in Cuba throughout the years is admirable.

His commitment topeaceful activism, and the various attacks and persecutions he hasendured to achieve his mission, have earned him the respect andadmiration of the democratic community. I am sure that theinternational community would celebrate that this heroic work berecognized by this outstanding honor.I send you my cordial greetings, along with my solidarity for yourvaliant commitment to the cause of freedom.

Mario Vargas Llosa

Also supported by Jorge Moragas,  secretary of president of Popular Party Spain (video)

and Rosa Diez, leader of Union Progreso y Democracia Spain ( video)

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