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The Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC), A REPRESSIVE TOOL

Art is a gift of God to humans, just as is the ability to express and create, and imbue poetry in everything one does. To attempt to control, submit, censor, repress, and confiscate art in any way is a sacrilege to the human soul


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Cuba hanging between unbridled capitalism and socialist totalitarianism, dissident warns
Havana, Cuba, Jan 5, 2011 / 12:15 pm (CNA).- The coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement is renewing his demand that the Cuban government allow the country to transition to democracy peacefully

Agustín Cervantes, cuban prisioner of conscience, in danger by hunger strike

In hunger strike 11 days ago, Agustín asks for mistreat stop in prison . The Movimiento Cristiano de Liberación (MCL), Varela’s Proyect and Oswaldo Payá launch a massive call to avoid death of an innocent, as happened with martyr Orlando Zapata with the passivity of the civilized world, and help stop his martyrdom.
For the [...]

LE FIGARO: Cuba : Oswaldo Payá, l’infatigable dissident chrétien
Par Jean-Marie Guénois
CUBA – Depuis quarante ans, il se bat pied à pied contre le régime castriste, refusant de s’exiler comme tant d’autres opposants, multipliant les initiatives. Défenseur des droits de l’homme, Oswaldo Payá puise sa force dans sa foi catholique.

Dissident sends letter to international forum demanding rights for Cubans
Havana, Cuba, Oct 13, 2010 / 11:47 am (CNA).- The coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswaldo Paya Sardinas has sent a letter to an annual conference in Prague urging respect for the human rights of Cubans.

Cuban dissident calls on EU to support Varela Project

Havana, Cuba, Sep 22, 2010 / 06:01 pm (CNA).- The coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswaldo Paya, has called on the European Union to support the Varela Project amidst the Cuban government’s indifference to the changes that the country’s citizens are requesting.

Dissident group marks 22 years of working for peace in Cuba

Havana, Cuba, Sep 9, 2010 / 11:51 am (CNA).- This week, the coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswaldo Paya, renewed the commitment of his organization to bringing about a peaceful transition to democracy in Cuba.

Political prisoner Agustin Cervantes beaten for refusing to wear uniform

Cuban political prisoner Agustin Cervantes is worthy of recognition today for two reasons.

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