Respuesta de YOUCAT Foundation, editora del DOCAT a Manuel Robles Villamarín sobre foto en con imagen del Che Guevara

Respuesta de YOUCAT Foundation, editora del DOCAT

Dear Manuel Robles Villamarín,
Thank you very much for your email that we got from our Spanish publisher Encuentro.

I’m very sorry for making you sad and upset with this photo and I can understand that this guy and his ideology hurt you. However, I can tell you that I and the team we did not at all look at this T-shirt but for us, the group is important. It’s a photo of young catholic people who do mission with the Youcat in Latin America, I think in Brazil, and who have a really hard job that they do four our Lord Jesus Christ. In Germany, you can buy T-shirts with this guy on every corner and people don’t really know who he exactly was, and I think this young girl on the photo just bought it without knowing that she would hurt someone like you.

I think if you read the DOCAT you know immediately that we don’t support an ideology like that.

I’m very sorry and please excuse. In future, we’ll be more attentive with the selection of photos.
Best wishes,

Texto de la queja de Manuel Robles

“La Santa Madre Iglesia Católica no merece esto, no lo podemos tolerar” (Joven del Movimiento Cristiano Liberación pide se retire del DOCAT foto del Che Guevara)

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