Un año y 5 meses después de sus muertes, seguimos buscando la verdad


22 de diciembre.

Han transcurrido 1 año y 5 meses de las muertes sin aclarar de Oswaldo Payá y Harold Cepero.

Seguimos reclamando una investigación independiente, porque es justa, necesaria y tambien para que cese la impunidad. El pueblo cubano sabe que no fue un accidente, lo que contrasta con la negativa del regimen a decir la verdad, la complicidad d otros paises para ocultarla y hasta con la frialdad (que incluye incluso el paño caliente o la equidistancia acariciadora de oídos) de gran parte los cubanos que viajan fuera

15 months later in the middle of a human rights crackdown in Cuba another sad anniversary is marked and the call for solidarity and an end to impunity in the suspicious deaths of human rights defenders Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas and Harold Cepero Escalante continues.

Statement of the Christian Liberation Movement over Facebook:

“Yesterday, December 22. 1 year and 5 months have passed since the unclear deaths of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero. We renew our call for an independent investigation, because it is just, necessary and also for an end to impunity. The Cuban people know it was not an accident, which contrasts with the regime’s refusal to tell the truth, the complicity of other countries to hide and even coldness (including even the hot cloth or caressing equidistance of ears) …”

Ofelia Acevedo, Oswaldo Paya’s widow said the following in an interview with Univisión on December 22:

They ordered the killing of Oswaldo Payá. State Security had threatened Oswaldo Payá with death for many years (…). Cuba is a totalitarian regime, where the government decides, the halls of power, every minute of life of the citizens. No one in Cuba would dares to do this, to do such a barbaric thing if he did not have the support of the highest levels of the Cuban government. The death of Oswaldo Payá is linked to the highest levels of the Cuban government, ” …

Over twitter Rosa María Payá addressed what had been done to Oswaldo and Harold:

17 months ago on another Sunday, around this hour a Cuban government state security car rammed the car in which my dad traveled. Today marks 17 months, yes they were alive and well after State Security rammed the car. How did my father and Harold die?

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